Buddy Bear Den

ABOUT Buddy Bear® Weekend  

Buddy Bear® Weekend is a 2 day event that consists of The Buddy Bear™ Parade with school children, teachers and parents in the county arriving at the opening ceremonies with bears in hand and are led by each school and ushered into The Buddy Bear™ Den. 

The Buddy Bear® Den houses all information on Child Safety, Literacy and Going Green. Inside The Buddy Bear™ Den is the Kids Zone and The Buddy Bear™ Bin. 

The Kids Zone is non-stop entertainment and education for the children. 

The Buddy Bear® Bin houses the entire collection of brand new stuffed bears distributed to all of the Emergency Response Officers and Trauma Centers in the communities. 

Everyone from Local City, County and State Officials help during this special weekend and are present during the entire event. 

Everything from a Free Child ID Program from the Sheriff's Office to information on Fire Safety, Backyard Swimming Safety, Literacy, Reading, Coloring and more are all showcased inside The Buddy Bear™ Den. 

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Buddy Bear Weekend Event
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