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“Great Event. Greater Cause. Tons of Activity. A True learning Experience...! ” 

- Lisa B..

“How can anyone say No to this event... ”  

- Allen K.

“Kevin was instrumental in creating “Buddy Bear Weekend”, which is a weekend designed to organize a unified effort of support from the city, county & &tate officials, law enforcement officers and emergency response departments, to offer comfort to traumatized children, by providing them with new stuffed teddy bears collected through “Buddy Bear Weekend”. The collection of new stuffed teddy bears during this yearly event has grown consistently, largely because Kevin Bonura kept all areas of planning on the same level – organized and timely. It has been a pleasure working with someone like Kevin who is so focused, friendly and organized. Our station looks forward to being a part of this special program for children each & every &ear thanks to Kevin Bonura. ”

- Shri Dare Schuette

“I wanted you to know that the Teddy Bears got shipped out and should be arriving soon. My granddaughter enjoyed picking out a girls and a boys Teddy Bear and she and I were excited to participate in your wonderful event for the children. My Granddaughter aka "Kotti", just recently turned 5 years old and well, we had the wonderful experience participating in a small way in your event and feel like we should be thanking you ! True happiness truly comes from giving ...,(no matter how big or small) One leads by example and you gave me another perfect opportunity to set another example for Kotti and we together, enjoyed every minute of it.... She was more excited to choose Teddy Bears for another child than she would have been choosing one for herself. Thus, for all intended purposes was to give back I feel like she and I walked away with more than what we gave. Just knowing that our small donation is going to be received by the most precious gifts of all.., "the children" I am especially satisfied and happy that we had this opportunity. Thank you !.”

“It is an honor to be involved in Buddy Bear Weekend. As a registered nurse, children's book author and sleep health and wellness educator, I am pleased to be a part of this very worthwhile cause and amazing event. I proudly support the Buddy Bear program, which not only benefits children involved in traumatic situations, but also provides an invaluable array of health, safety, and literacy resources for area children and their families. I look forward to seeing you there! ”  

- Terry Cralle, RN, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator

"Buddy Bear's mission—providing comfort to children in times of distress—is wonderfully simple and absolutely inspired. Kudos to Kevin Bonura for pouring his energy and enthusiasm into this terrific organization, and for folding literacy into his endeavor as well. "

- Lori Haskans Houran

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